Sunday, September 7, 2008

Viewing things in a whole new light.

I won my wife a new laptop for school from a sales contest at my second job. She hooked her old monitor up to it for a two monitor experience. She also decided not to use her monitor (as it is a 17") and wanted to use mine (a 15") - as she didn't see the need for the larger regular monitor when she runs two of them. So we swapped.

So all of that was to say I have a new bigger monitor!!! Woohoo!!! I never would have thought that the extra 2" would have made a difference, but they have. It allowed me to move up to the next higher resolution, and keep things roughly where I like them.

And my games look amazing. :)

And now back to creeping through an underwater city killing crazy splicers.

Games played since last post:
None - look at the timestamps. :)

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