Sunday, August 9, 2009


I accidentally deleted about a third of my game saves on the 360.

When I first got the thing, I had my profile, and an online profile. I never used the online profile to play games... until Rock Band, and being able to make pictures on their website, but it had to be keyed to your xbox live gamertag. So I started using that one.

I was playing around with my other profile, and deleted it and the games associated with it. Rumble Roses, Soul Caliber IV, Bioshock, Conan and Portal/Orange Box. I had beat Conan, Bioshock and Portal, and had unlocked a bunch of stuff in the other two. So I will be playing them again... but it should be easier this time. :) I'll wait on Bioshock 'till I am about to get Bioshock II and play them back to back.

But as it is, I'm working on unlocking stuff in SCIV and Rumble Roses and have got halfway through Portal. I am going to finish God of War (the game I am currently working through) before I touch Conan again. That one may come a great deal later.

If I cared about my Gamerscore, that means it would be going way up. But I don't.

So anyway back to jumping through holes and trying to ignore GladOS.

Games Played Since Last Post.
Rumble Roses XX (360)
Peggle (PC)
Rock Band II (360)
Guitar Hero: World Tour (360)
Singstar: Queen (PS3)
Zen Pinball (PS3)

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Russ said...

If you love/hate jumping through holes (I hated the almost-impossible "flinging" jumps) and avoiding GLaDOS, you should definitely check out Portal: Prelude. A definite good one! Tip: for Advanced Portal Mechanics users only!