Monday, June 23, 2008

Guitar Hero 3

My absence from posting, as has been mentioned, is due to playing music games. Rock Band, Rock Band 3 and Singstars. GH: Aerosmith in two weeks. :)

So anyway, today, I beat GH3 on medium (still working on hard difficulty, that will be next).

The game is a blast. And I loved the way the game played at the end, thusly: In the cut-scene before the last set, you sign your soul for success, and you come and play in "Lou's Inferno". The tracklist for the last set:
White Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson. Instrumental.
Raining Blood - Slayer - all about dying and going to hell.
One - Metallica - about not being able to die, because you are in hell and being tortured.
Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden - about seeing some sort of satanic ritual, and having it infect you and take over you mind.

Notice a theme?

So you beat the set and lou (a demon, short for Lucifer I am sure) walks out, pulls a guitar from the ground and you get a boss battle. For those that haven't played these - in the boss battle you play against a computer opponent, and you earn "attack powers" so you can mess up the other guy. You have end with a higher rock meter than your opponent to win. The song you play vs Lou - Devil went down to Georgia. The into has no attack powers. Then the devil's song plays and Lou messes you up. Then Johnny Plays and you get all sort of attacks on Lou. If you win (which I did first try) after that you get a "Now Finish Him" message. The lyrics come up "And devil bowed his head because he knew that he'd been beat, and he laid that golden fiddle on the ground at Johnny's Feet" and on, and then you play the last riff.

Great theme.

Then the animation has the band flying out of hell on motorcylces with wings, and the ground raises up under you, into the sky. You get a spot on the top of this tower, and the credits roll, and Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce plays. The song is about Evil having control and you fighting and beating them and bringing freedom to anyone. This finishes the theme of the last set.
And the song is amazingly difficult to play. The developers intended the expert mode to be unplayable. They underestimated the fans. There are numerous videos on youtube of people beating it on that hard.

Great Game. Looking forward to GH: Walk this way, GH: Metallica. And depending on compatibility with Rock Band GH: World Tour.

And now back to bashing drums.

Games played since last post:
Universe at War - 360
Solitaire - PC
Sonic the Hedgehog - Genesis
Kung Fu Panda - 360
Rock Band - 360
Guitar Hero 3 - 360.

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