Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Taking a Break

This is just a quick little note to explain abscence of posts.

I've been pulling back on my internet usage. Trying to spend more time with other things (gaming, music, video games, time with the wife, church responsibilities - that sort of thing).

I've already really cut the time I spend on messageboards a lot.

Blogging is the next to go.

I'll post occasionally if something strikes me, but I need some time away from the 'net right now. I've been feeling depression set in again (I hate hate hate the summer - too hot) and I've unplugging to try and connect to more real world stuff.
To be honest I spend 8 hours a day working from home in front of my computer. I need to spend more time on work, and less on surfing (working from home on the net really makes that too easy)... and when I am off work, I've really been feeling the need to get away from the computer too.

see ya 'round.

I'll be back.

Just don't know when.

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