Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Little Big Planet!!!

Shorter time between posts.. and to think after the last one, I was really planning on going weekly. Maybe this time.

Been playing a lot of Little Big Planet - the game I pretty much bought a PS3 for... well there are others but nothing as big as LBP. I love classic platformers - Sonic and Mario were two of my favorite franchises in the 16 bit and 8 bit eras, respectively. This game is from the same amazing mold of the best of them. I've played for hours on end and have been really enjoying it. I plan on trying to get through it, because once the game is beaten, you can make your own levels (and play levels others have made). I love user generated content... but I am much more of a console guy than a PC one, so I don't see it as much. So the idea behind this is really cool. I also love the community support that Sony is doing - and they had a Kart racer with a really nice track creator that will be out for the PS3 as well.

A lot of the nifty bits about LBP are in that side of. In a platformer, you collect stuff. Coins, Rings, Gems, whathaveyou. In LBP you collect costume pieces to customize your character with, and stickers and other things so that you may put them into levels you create. Nice use of the collection system in the game. And your character Sackboy is completely customizable - you can change the color of his sack, hats, hair, facial hair, shape, clothes.... and they have a lot of options in the game, plus extra DLC (I bought the Street Figther pack so I could be Chun Li if I wanted).

About other games - I've been working my way through Halo 2 - I've got 2 levels left. It's been fun actually beating games. And of course, I am still playing a bunch of Rock Band. And I picked up an SFIV controller (not the arcade stick) so I've been playing that to unlock all the characters.

See you next week, hopefully, when I'll comment on Demo Play.

And now back to blowing up the Flood with my alien allies.

Games played since last post
Rock Band 2 (360)
Little Big Planet (PS3)
Radiant Silvergun (Saturn)
Arkanoid (Arcade on Emu)
Super Breakout (Atari 2600)
Flower (PS3)
Geometry Wars (PS3)
Halo 2 (Xbox)
Street Fighter IV (360)

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