Thursday, July 9, 2009

Snap Judgement Reviews V: A new Beginning

Aside: I don't know what I'm going to do when I run out of movie sequel subtitles.

Anyway on to reviews -

I've played a lot of games in the last few months - Blockbuster allows us to rent up to 5 games a week again, and I played a lot of PS3 games right after we got our PS3 - so I'll have a bunch of these in the near future. So on to the games-

Ghostbusters (PS3 or 360)
The visuals and voice acting are excellent - it uses all the original actors, and the models and animations for the characters are excellent. You really feel like you are in a Ghostbusters movie. Gameplay is okay, but not great - you hit a ghost with a proton beam for a while, then use a capture beam for a while then force it into a ghost trap.
Overall a decent game, but not one I'd spend 60 bucks on. Call it a 30 dollar game.

Gameplay is great - you can run up and down building, through the city, and combat is run. You can customize between a lot of different types of attacks and powers. You get your memories back by absorbing major NPCs. My only problem is that you slash innocents, and later you use them basically as health packs. As someone who tends to avoid playing bad guys, that is a bit of a problem for me. Also the game is really bloody... the designers really took that "M" rating to heart. Because of the thematic material I'd call this one a 20 buck game.

and Motorstorm Pacific Rift
Possibly the best driving games I've ever played. The two of them have the same basic controls - you drive a bike, an ATV or a big truck around an outdoor course. The graphics are amazing, the driving is loose and really fun, and courses are interesting. These are both highly recomended and they are 40-60 dollar games.

Yeah more driving. The gameplay is great, and I love the trick system. Choices of vehicles is nifty. However there is one problem with this game and it is in the "Easy should be easy" problems. After you go through the tutorial you have to beat the first track in a certain amount of time to even progress in the game. I tried about 20 times, and couldn't pull it off (on Easy). The game went back to blockbuster and I will never consider buying it. They made the entry level of this game to high for me.
Don't buy it.

Tom Clancy's Vegas Six 2
Pretty decent FPS. It had a realistic/easy toggle, and I took the easy, and it was easy. Pretty fun, and you could choose male or female for your main character. This one is a little above the run of the mill shooter. 20 Dollars for this one.

Later edit - I like the dollar amounts for games - that will be my rating system for games I review - the price point at which I think this game is worth buying. Rating from 0 to 60 dollars.

Back to singing to the tunes of Bjorn and crew.

Games played since last post:
Ghostbusters (360)
Guitar Hero: Smash Hits (360)
God of War (PS2)
Rock Band 2 (360)

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