Sunday, August 9, 2009

About Time

Guitar Hero announced that songs from GH:World Tour and GH:Smash Hits will be exportable to GH:5 and that all but 6 songs of the WT DLC will be compatible with GH:5 (odds are on the Hendrix songs). This is really a great thing for them – it could spur sales of World Tour or Smash Hits to export the songs, and if they keep this up going forward, it means you can have a huge library of songs from GH to play all at once.

Of course, Rock Band did it a year ago. But partisanship aside, I am really happy to see this. I enjoy both franchises (I do prefer Rock Band, but I still really enjoy GH). So to be able to have so many songs on GH is a good thing. And they keep putting one Queen track per game, so if they export, I'll finally be able to do a 6 or 7 song Queen set. :)

Another bit from GH:5 is the ability to play as your Avatar (360) or Mii (Wii). I think this is pretty cool. That will be what I do when I get the game in a few weeks. And some games are having clothes you can buy for your Avatar on the 360, so it would be cool to buy a Rock Band Shirt for my Avatar and play Guitar Hero with it. :)

Back to jumping through holes and ignoring GladOS

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Michael said...

Don't ignore GlaDOS. I hear she makes great cake--delicious, and moist!

Lord Mhoram said...

The Cake is a Lie

Russ said...

Yes, the cake is a lie... except in the credits and a bonus area. Still can't eat it though. (Sigh!) What would I give for a rocket propelled grenade well-placed at her Morality and Emotion cores! Pheh! Go for broke - why not a tactical nuke?